Friday the 8th of November

2 Hours Maths and 2 Hours English with a break in the middle

Video: 9mat 2012 Exam Video Answers

8 papers - You get 8 grades

10Mat EOY Exam Number (1)

10Mat Eoy Exam Algebra and Graphs (2 Algebra, 3 Graphs)

10Mat Eoy Exam Measurement (4)

10Mat Eoy Exam Probability (5)

10Mat Eoy Exam Statistics (6)

10Mat Eoy Exam Geometry (7)

10MAT Trig Internal (8)

Go through all the ‘easy’ questions first from the ENTIRE exam then go back and try the more difficult exams.
There are some NCEA style questions, they are labelled as such and students should NOT attempt these unless they are completely finished and have some spare time.
There is 8 sections, so they will need to be super careful with time. For your some students,will take 2 hours to get the ‘easy’ questions of each topic done in this time, for the extension students they should get it all completed and be started on the NCEA style questions.
Blue Course Book
2012 Exam Questions: Pages 130 to 138
2012 Exam Answers: Pages 141 to 144
NB: There was no Number in the 2012 exam.
How do I prepare?
Make Notes from many sources.
Make a one page "cheat sheet" which you take in your MIND to the exam.
Use the "I can do" check lists in the Orange Book.
Use the 2012 exam to check what you need to work on.
Make a list of skills you know you need to have, but do not yet have.
Write down your learning "light bulb" moments.
Record the time you study and what you did.
Have a plan, how much time per topic? Notes? Practise questions?
Know and practise exam technique - get the easy marks first.
Use time well both when preparing and completing an exam.
Eat and Sleep well and do the work, do not stress!